On September 7, 2023 I will retire from Digestive Health Partners.  It has been a privilege to care for patients as a practicing gastroenterologist in Asheville.  Thank you for entrusting me with your medical care.  

You will be able to continue your medical care with our highly qualified physicians at Digestive Health Partners. You do not need to contact the office to make this change to see one of my partners. All of your appointments that may have been scheduled with me will automatically be transferred to one of my partners.  If you need any care in the future, one of my partners will be happy to see you.  If you wish, you may find another gastroenterologist in the area not associated with Digestive Health Partners. Upon proper authorization, you may have a copy of your medical record sent to the gastroenterologist of your choice.  

It has been my pleasure and privilege to treat you during the course of my practice. I wish you well.


Matthew Wood M.D.